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About Susan..

A West Coast girl who has a deep appreciation for modern, timeless and candid love

My biggest passion is story telling through the lens. Photography has allowed for me to travel and experience many different cultures and connections. With a documentary and photojournalistic approach, my photos are tangible memoirs you can relive forever

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I’m your hype girl who's always ready for an adventure and a good time! My easy going nature allows for me to connect with my clients easily and make friends along the way. I want you to be able to truly live in your moments as I'm the fly on the wall with a camera.

romantic. Editorial. Nostalgic.

My Approach

I want my photos to feel like a part of a mosaic-- For each photo to have its own artistic quality. But when put together, it creates a beautiful image as a whole.

I treasure the cinematic feel and romanticize the photojournalistic approach to document and retell the unique love stories of my couples. During my sessions, I want to give my couples the rush of falling in love all over again. To slow down and take in every moment, to hear every heartbeat, and to draw in every breath.




Exploring a new state!! I will also be meeting Jason's family! I'm extremely excited to document all the special moments and the little fingers and toes that will be new to this world

JUly 11, 2023



Chelsea + Andre's Wedding!! Gosh - I am beyond PUMPED for this one. I've been taking their photos since before she said "yes"!

Also, Jason will be in the wedding!

JUly 18, 2023



My dear friend's daughter's christening :') it's so crazy to think that we're at this point in our lives to start families. We've had so many late night memories filled with laughs and good times!

August 12, 2023

New York


Lauren + Philippe's Wedding!! Talk about a classic wedding of my dreams that I absolutely cannot wait to document! Also - NEW YORK?! This is going to be soo iconic!

october 26, 2023